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Moving is often fun, but frustrating. Rite Move wants to help take the stress out of your next move. Our expert moving tips can help you relocate with ease and efficiency.

Moving Tips To Save Money

Time your move during the off season when demand doesn’t inflate moving costs. Peak moving periods are between June and September when kids are out of school and weather is nicer. Avoid moving during the first and last parts of any month when renters typically move and try to avoid moving on weekends when everyone wants to move. One of the best ways to save on moving costs is to have less stuff to move. Lighten your load by downsizing your household items with a well-planned garage sale to make money and save money and/or donate items you seldom use to local charities for a tax deduction.

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Moving Shortcuts

Take advantage of moving apps that make moving easier. Look for apps that help connect and disconnect utilities or inventory your belongings while you pack. Some apps offer complete dashboards to make vital moving tasks a breeze, like updating your address on all your crucial correspondence.

Day-Of Moving Tips

Make moving day go more smoothly by being prepared for your movers’ arrival. Nothing frustrates movers more than standing around while you finish packing, and it could cost you more depending on the delay. When possible, have someone babysit kids and/or pets, so they’re not underfoot and potentially slowing things down. Remember to pack an essentials box that includes everything you need for a couple of days, so you don’t have to start unpacking immediately upon arrival.

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Moving Company Tips

Make sure you’re hiring the right moving company for your type of move. Some companies are only licensed for local or intrastate moves. This means they can’t move you from one state to another. Rite Move offers both residential and commercial moving services for both local and long distance or interstate moves. We’re a full service moving company, so we can also pack and unpack all your belongings or simply take care of the heavy lifting and provide you with the materials to pack yourself.

Whatever your moving needs, trust the experts at Rite Move. We’re a state-licensed, fully insured moving company with straightforward pricing without any hidden fees. We guarantee safe and secure transport of all your belongings. Contact us to schedule your next move today!

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