Using Emergency Movers and Other Tips for Mastering a Last-Minute Move

Using Emergency Movers and Other Tips for Mastering a Last-Minute Move

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Moving is often a stressful process, but never more so than when you must relocate in a hurry. If life hurls a curveball and you find yourself with a massive to-do list and very little support, a couple of professional tips and Rite Move emergency movers can be just what you need to keep your life — and sanity — in order during this major change.

Get a Strategy In Place ASAP

One of the best ways to combat sudden stress is to form a game plan that gives you an idea of what needs to be done and how you can best go about doing it. In an urgent-move situation, you need to pack up your current home in record time, and you’ll need supplies. Getting the right amount and types of boxes and other goodies requires not only gaging what you must pack, but which method gets everything packed up as fast as possible. Wardrobe boxes allow you to keep clothes on the hanger so you can transfer them straight from your closet to the box without fussy folding while using your linens to wrap breakables may save you time-sucking trips to the store for more packing paper and tape.

It can also help to pack room by room so you can see your progress as you go. If you’re worried about losing track of things you might need in the days ahead, pack your suitcase and an overnight bag — or larger case depending on how long you expect to travel between homes — with important items, such as your phone charger, clothes, toiletries, and medicine

Be Realistic About Sorting And Saving

In most cases, moving is the perfect time to purge all the stuff you no longer need, but the urgency of a last-minute move forces sorting onto the back-burner. On the other hand, the less you keep, the less there is to pack. Make a quick trip through the house with two large garbage bags — one for trash and one for donation items — then get comfortable with the idea that the rest of your organizational efforts will have to wait until you’re settled in at your destination. If you wind up with a large number of donations, call around and find an organization that will do a pick up; it’s a lot easier taking a few bags to the curb than it is to load them into your car and drive across own.

Mark Boxes And Bags Clearly And Consistently

Every box you pack should be labeled with a general description of what it contains as well as where you’d like the box to go when it’s time to unload the truck. The exhaustion of an emergency move is distracting enough to make you forget what’s what and searching for key paperwork or a can opener only makes a difficult transition seem worse. Give yourself a break from the pressure by ensuring you know exactly how to find your favorite socks and the remote control.

Get Professional Help

Moving in a hurry means you have a lot to do. Delegate the biggest task to emergency movers who specialize in quick relocations, and you’ll have the time and energy to phone utility companies and tie up other loose ends rather than trying to multitask as you empty bookshelves and disassemble furniture. Full-service moving companies will:

  • Pack all your possessions, including oddly shaped items and anything fragile
  • Attach labels and count boxes to ensure everything is identified and nothing is left behind
  • Crate and pad oversized items, such as artwork and pianos
  • Provide materials to you if you’d prefer to pack your belongings yourself
  • Unwrap items at your destination

Hire Emergency Movers Today

Not all movers offer the same high-quality, trusted service, and reliable staffing. At Rite Move, we’re proud to move and pack our customers’ belongings with the same care and precision we’d use on our own. Whether you’re moving your family across the country at a moments’ notice or shifting a commercial entity from one brick-and-mortar location to another, our team of licensed and insured movers can assist. For help with your emergency move, contact us online or call our Hamilton, New Jersey, office at (866) MOVE-110 or