Tips For Packing And Moving Kitchen Items In New Jersey

At Rite Move in Hamilton, New Jersey, we pack and move all your belongings for a stress-free moving experience. If you choose to pack yourself, we can provide the materials you need to safely pack any type of household goods, including kitchen items. Use corrugated boxes durable enough for kitchen goods and special dish packs for added protection. Packing your kitchen items correctly helps ensure everything arrives in one piece.


Dishes and glassware require protective layers to safely cushion the load. Individually wrap plates, bowls, glasses and other fragile dinnerware, and secure the paper or bubble wrap with tape. Include a layer of cushioning on the bottom and top of boxes, and fill in gaps throughout the box with paper or other packing materials. Pack flat dishes vertically on their edge, not lying flat. Use pre-sectioned boxes specifically designed for delicate glassware. Mark all sides of boxes: FRAGILE/TOP SIDE UP.


Use larger boxes for bulky pots and pans, but keep the overall weight at 50 pounds. Nest cookware from largest to smallest, and place foam, paper or bubble wrap between items to prevent scratches and dings. Pack wrapped and banded bundles of flatware with non-fragile cookware.

Small Appliances

Use medium-sized heavy-duty boxes. Remove or disassemble fragile parts and wrap individually. Remove and cover sharp blades and other items that could damage the box or injure a person. Wind and secure nonremovable cords around appliances to prevent tangling. Wrap appliances and pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Large Appliances And Furniture

When you hire Rite Move, we wrap and move your large appliances and furniture for you, but you must prepare appliances ahead of time. Call a licensed plumber or appropriate technician to disconnect and reconnect water and gas lines. Disconnect all hoses and ensure appliances are clean and dry. Wrap and fasten nonremovable electrical cords around appliances to prevent them from dangling. We can’t transport perishable items, so remove all foodstuffs from inside appliances.

Let Rite Move Pack It

Rite Move is a full-service, state-licensed and fully insured moving company with straightforward pricing and no hidden fees. We can take the stress out of packing your kitchen with our complete packing service. We make your move worry-free by ensuring all your household belongings arrive on time and in one piece. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 for a free moving quote today.