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What does it take to move a piano safely and securely

Reliable and Safe Piano Moving – The Rite MoveRite Move

While pianos certainly can make a “beautiful noise” when played, they are rather ungainly when one wants to move them from one location to another. Pianos can be quite large and oddly shaped, plus they contain a vast number of internal pieces that must be protected during the move. For these reasons, it is usually best for a homeowner to hire an experienced moving company to relocate a piano. Here is what you should expect:

  • Securing the insides of the piano to prevent internal damage – The inner workings of a piano are intricate and must be protected from unnecessary movement during relocation. It is fairly simple to protect the hammers and strings by placing a moving pad between them. Even if the hammers strike the pad, the impact will be buffered and the piano probably will remain in tune.
  • Wrapping the outside of the instrument to prevent external damage – All pianos are relatively unwieldy when they are being moved. It is imperative to wrap every inch of the exterior to avoid blemishing the finish. This wrapping should include any casters on the bottom of a piano legs to avoid their use. The casters should be used only to adjust the piano’s position by a few inches. Using them for a relocation would gouge any hardwood floors in your new residence.
  • Having adequate manpower – Having the right tools and proper knowledge about moving a piano will take you only so far. Since these wonderful instruments usually weigh between 600 and 800 pounds, you will need to have enough able-bodied people to move one. For the largest “grand” piano – especially one on the upper level of a home – it may be necessary to hire eight to 10 men to move it in a safe and secure manner.

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