Packing Large Items

Packing can get even more complicated when you have large items to pack that won’t fit in a standard or even an oversized box. Large items can include bulky pieces of furniture, appliances, or specialty items like a pool table, piano, grandfather clock or delicate antique. When you need help packing or moving any of your household items, Rite Move has an experienced team of professional movers and top-notch equipment able to handle any move with precision and care.

Break It Down

Make large items easier to move by dismantling them completely or by removing as many parts as possible. Complete disassembly is often possible with furniture, but for those pieces that don’t fully come apart, remove drawers, shelves and detachable legs to make them lighter. If you don’t have the time or patience for large-item packing, we offer full-service moves with complete packing and unpacking services.

Several wooden boards of varying sizes lean against a closed shutter door, with additional debris scattered on the ground in front of them.
A man in a blue shirt assembles furniture, concentrating while holding a piece of the wooden frame and using a screwdriver.

Wrap It Up

Dismantling isn’t normally an option for large appliances or some furnishings. Pack these in blankets, pads, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap or other protective covering.Wrap corners or delicate parts with bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard, then wrap the entire piece in moving blankets. Secure blankets with tape or plastic wrap. Stretch wrap is an excellent alternative for many items too large to pack in a box, but never place plastic wrap directly on wood or leather. If you’re self-packing, we can provide all the packing supplies you’ll need.

Crating Options

Crating utilizes a wooden container, either a wood-slat crate or full wood box. It’s often the most suitable option for packing many large items, especially delicate or extremely valuable items like marble, chandeliers or antique furniture. Rite Move offers protective crates and wooden boxes of various sizes you can request when ordering your self-moving supplies or for our use in full-service moves.

A sturdy wooden crate with the word "fragile" stamped in black on the side, set against a plain white background.
Boxes with Plates.

Packing Specialty Items

We also can professionally pack and move specialty items like pool tables, pianos, antiques and more. We take the utmost care in wrapping and packing oversized, odd-sized, extremely heavy or highly delicate items. This is included in our complete packing service, but we charge extra for moving pianos, which is standard practice.

Get Moved The Rite Way

Bring us your large-item packing challenges and our highly-experienced staff will handle them to your complete satisfaction. We’re a state-licensed, fully-insured moving company with straightforward pricing. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 for a free quote today!

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