Tips For Packing Fragile Items In New Jersey

Rite Move is a full-service, state-licensed and fully insured moving company with straightforward pricing and no hidden fees. We take the stress out of packing fragile items with our complete packing service. Should you choose to do your own packing, you must avoid cramming improperly wrapped breakables into unstable boxes. Packing fragile items isn’t something that should be done in a rush, so leave yourself plenty of time to provide the added protection these items require.

Protecting Breakables

Packing fragile items properly begins with using sturdy double-corrugated boxes. Used boxes may be weakened from previous loads, so new boxes are preferable. Wrap items with high-quality packing paper and/or bubble wrap. Include a layer of cushioning on the bottom and top of boxes and between any gaps throughout the box. There’s no such thing as too much cushioning to protect fragile items from bumps and vibrations. Rite Move can provide all the high-quality packing supplies you need for your breakables, and we offer these additional tips:

Carefully wrap all fragile items individually, even when you’re nesting items.

Avoid wrapping with old newspapers, which could transfer ink and leave permanent stains.

Set up a packing station on a clean, flat surface to ensure even coverage.

Stuff packing paper into hollow items for further cushioning.

Tape packing paper or bubble wrap in place to ensure items remain tightly wrapped.

Pack flat items like dishware and vinyl records vertically, instead of horizontally, to prevent cracks.

Pack boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Fill boxes completely to the top but without any bulging at the top or sides.

Securely tape each box shut.

Once a box is packed, give it a gentle shake to see if anything shifts. If you hear or feel anything moving about, add more cushioning to ensure everything stays stationary in transit. Clearly label each box on the top and sides with “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” to let our movers know these boxes require extremely gentle handling.

Trust Us With Your Fragile Items

Take the worry out of packing fragile items with our specialized packing service, which covers fragile and oversized pieces that need extra care during transport. Whether you’re moving family heirlooms, antique furniture, delicate artwork or a treasured piano or pool table, we have the knowledge and skill to pack and move everything safely. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 for a free moving quote today.