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Tips For Packing Your Desk For Office Relocation

Woman packing officeRite Move in Hamilton, New Jersey, provides full relocation services to a variety of commercial businesses including professional offices. We expertly pack, move and unpack your entire office, but you and your employees may want to pack your own desks. We can still provide all the packing materials you need and offer some valuable tips on how to do the job efficiently.

Declutter First

Use your office move to declutter your work space. Sort through every drawer and toss out old papers, broken office supplies and other items you no longer want or use that are taking up space. Organize desk files before tossing a bunch of paperwork that’s no longer relevant into boxes. Archive or shred and recycle paperwork accordingly. Complete this step before packing day so all that’s left in your desk are necessary items that belong at your new office.

Empty Your Drawers

Remove everything from your desk before we arrive to move it to make it lighter and help ensure nothing gets lost or broken. Use hanging file boxes to keep your files in order and organized for a smoother transition that allows you to quickly find important paperwork at your new location. Pack loose office supplies like pens and paperclips in envelopes or plastic baggies before placing them in boxes with other items. Lock empty drawers or use packing tape to hold drawers in place that don’t lock.

Pack Electronics

Pack sensitive desktop electronics separately, preferably in the original boxes, if available, or in specialized boxes otherwise. Investing in the right packing materials helps prevent damage to costly equipment during transit. Secure cables with zip or twist ties before packing to keep them from tangling or dangling.

Label Everything

If your desk is one of many being moved to the new office and you want your old desk back, label it. Color-code or label boxes with the contents from your desk so you know which ones belong to you and to ensure another coworker doesn’t claim them. Besides your name, include a short description of each box’s contents to make unpacking more efficient.

Our Office Moving Services

We work closely with each commercial client to ensure a smooth transition with as little disruption of your daily operation as possible. Business relocation usually takes place outside normal business hours, often on weekends. Whether your business is moving across the hall or across town, Rite Move has the experience, equipment and manpower required for an efficient office move. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 for a free quote on your office move today.

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