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Moving Cost-Savers And Other Moving Tips

When you’re moving on a budget, a DIY move is sometimes the cheapest route, but it can actually cost more. Take some of the stress out of your move and save time and money with these cost-saving moving tips.

Save On Boxes

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Look for free or low-cost previously used boxes to use for packing. This can save you a lot of money, but make sure these boxes are still sturdy and in good shape. Saving on boxes won’t be worth it in the long run if they fall apart and your contents are broken. Alternatively, we can provide all the quality packing materials you need for your move at a reasonable price. Save money by reducing the number of boxes you need by nesting small items inside larger items to use less space and completely filling each box so no space is wasted.

Save On Packing

Some movers insist they do all the packing themselves, but Rite Move allows you to self-pack. Packing yourself cuts your professional moving expenses. You can even move smaller items in your own vehicle. This lightens your overall load and further lowers the cost of using professional movers by having them move only the large items. Lighten your load further and save time packing by donating or selling any items you no longer need or use prior to your move.

Save On Movers

Smaller loads can save money on your moving labor and moving company costs. Moving charges may be partially calculated based on the weight or number of items being moved, so the less you have the lower your cost. If you’re being charged by the hour, it takes less time to move less stuff. Smaller loads also could require fewer movers, which also saves you money. Get rid of heavy items like fitness equipment and free weights you no longer use and discard heavy items that cost less to replace than it does to move them. We always offer straightforward pricing without any hidden fees, so there aren’t any surprises on your final bill.

Trust Rite Move

Rite Move can handle any local or long-distance residential or commercial move and is a full-service, state-licensed, fully insured moving company in New Jersey. We use comprehensively trained movers who treat your items with great care to ensure everything arrives intact. Contact us today at 866-MOVE-110 for a free moving quote or to schedule your next move!

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