Move On A Budget And Save Packing Space By Culling Items You Don’t Need

Move On A Budget And Save Packing Space By Culling Items You Don’t Need

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When you need to move on a budget, getting rid of items you don’t need can help you cut costs and conserve packing space. Downsizing before your big move also makes it easy to create a relaxed, welcoming environment once you settle into your new place.

Cutting Down On Clutter Before You Pack

If you’ve started to pack and keep coming across items, you haven’t seen in years or are just trying to figure out how you’re going to fit everything into your new home, that could be a sign you need to cut down on clutter before you move. Most people only really use about 20% of the things they own, which means there are plenty of things you can discard without really ever noticing they’re missing.

Moving is the ideal time to go through all your things and decide whether you need them. Getting rid of the nonessential items in your life helps make your residential move go more smoothly.

Choosing Items To Keep Or Cull

Picking which items you should bring with you to your new place and which you should cull can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re starting with a lot of stuff. Separate the items you frequently use first, then start considering everything else. Essential items might include clothing you often wear, the furniture you plan to use in your new space, and personal items that have sentimental value. If you haven’t used something in over a month, you might be able to do without it permanently.

The first major culling should include duplicates in your household. If you’ve managed to collect stacks of mismatched bath towels or multiple sets of flatware, pare those collections down to just what you need.

Keep in mind that you can rent or borrow many items later if you need them. Books that you haven’t yet read can be borrowed from the local library, and infrequently used tools or appliances might be easier to rent for special occasions than to store or pack for your move.

The location of your move might make a difference in what you keep or discard as well. If you’re moving from a colder area to a warmer climate, you might be able to get rid of some of your heavier winter coats and accessories.

Deciding To Donate Or Toss

Part of culling your stuff before you move is deciding what to do with the things you discard. Anything broken, unusable, or out of date should be thrown away. Thrift stores can take clothing, toys, shoes, and appliances in good condition. A friend who needs a specific item may also appreciate a hand-me-down from your culled collection.

You might also consider selling some of the items you decide to leave behind. Large pieces of furniture, electronics, lawn equipment, and appliances can be sold online. You can make arrangements for the buyer to come to pick up bulkier pieces in person. Smaller items, including books, jewelry, and accessories, can be shipped to buyers or picked up at a location of your choice. Another option is to hold a yard sale before your move to try to get rid of as much stuff as you can before making a final trip to the thrift store for a donation.

Let Us Handle Your Move On A Budget

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