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Long-Distance Home Moving Service In Hamilton, New Jersey

men unloading truckAny move is stressful, but the additional complications of long-distance moves increase stress levels even further. Rite Move is a full-service, state-licensed and fully insured moving company providing expert local, interstate and long-distance moves to residential and commercial clients in Hamilton, New Jersey. Our professional home moving service makes your long-distance relocation a breeze.

Prepare Early

Long-distance moves typically take more planning than local moves. Prepare a moving checklist to keep you on track, and include key details about utility shutoffs and reconnections, school enrollment and other time-sensitive requirements.

Packing For Long Moves

Our professional packing services are doubly helpful for long-distance moves, especially if you have tight deadlines or would rather spend time with friends and family instead of packing. Should you decide to pack on your own, packing for a long-distance move presents unique challenges and additional effort.

  • Downsize to lighten the weight of your load and reduce your long-distance moving expenses.
  • Pack like you would for long-term storage using only good quality, durable boxes and packing materials.
  • Take extra care when packing fragile items that may be handled numerous times.
  • Seal boxes extra-tight to ensure security during the long, potentially bumpy voyage.
  • Label everything on all sides to clearly identify your belongings.

Rite Move provides quality packing materials suitable for long moves to ensure your belongings remain safe. We also help you find solutions to minimize the cost of moving and always provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees for clear-cut billing you can count on.

Create An Inventory List

Always inventory your belongings before any move, but especially before you move long distances. Use a phone/computer app or pen and paper to create a comprehensive list of everything you’re packing. Numbering your boxes to easily organize your list allows you to check off each box as it leaves your old home and arrives at your new one.

Insure Your Load

Under Federal law, basic moving valuations limit a mover’s liability to 60 cents per pound. If you have a lot of expensive items, consider purchasing full-value coverage instead of basic coverage. If you’re unsure which coverage is best for you, we’ll explain your options so you can make an informed decision.

Worry-Free Long-Distance Home Moving Service

Rite Move uses comprehensively trained movers who always treat your items with great care to ensure all your belongings arrive intact. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 for a free moving quote or to schedule your long-distance move today.

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