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Antique Moving: How to Pack Big, Delicate Items

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When it comes to the intricacies of antique moving, not all relocation companies are created the same. Whether you’re considering tackling your packing to-do list on your own or want to study up on how to hire a team who’ll put your best interests first, this quick guide from Rite Move has everything you need to know about taking care of your most prized possessions.

Basics Of Antique Moving

Any kind of residential or commercial move requires a deft hand and an experienced crew to ensure everything is handled with care, but antiques can be particularly susceptible to damage and therefore require even more diligence. The very things that make antiques valuable — age, craftsmanship, rarity — also make them valuable and quite often irreplaceable. To protect priceless items, movers take extra precautions. This may include strapping down heavy pieces or using extra padding to cushion a delicately carved bench or gilded mirror as it bumps along in the back of a traveling moving truck.

The bottom line: antiques are extraordinary finds, and the moving company you use to transport them should be just as remarkable.

Working With Unwieldy Furniture

Pianos seem like they’d be amongst the sturdiest musical instruments, but underneath those durable wood exteriors is a fragile network of tiny pieces and intricate parts. Too much jostling can throw a piano out of tune or knock one of the inner hammers loose; drop the piano and the results could be downright disastrous. Pianos are also surprisingly top-heavy, and other antiques, such as vintage sideboards and wardrobes, can be just as unwieldy, making for an awkward carry.

The best way to prevent injuries and furniture damage is to avoid drops, scrapes, and scratches by employing a team of experts who know how to safely carry large items and maneuver around tricky corners. While it may be fine for two homeowners to carry a modern, store-bought kitchenette set to a moving truck, hauling a Chippendale chair is another matter altogether.

Amassing The Right Equipment

Moving antiques requires not only the right people but also the right equipment. Musical instruments with finicky components and breakables, such as mirrors, lamps, vases, and artwork, all need to be wrapped in thick moving blankets or padding. Proper wrap jobs include taping the materials only, with no corners left exposed, and all surfaces free of adhesive to maintain the original finish of the antique. Straps help movers lift heavy items without excessive straining and can also be used to secure items once they’re in the truck.

Unpacking And Placement

Properly moving antiques involves more than just transporting them from point A to point B. Choose a moving company that offers packing and unpacking services, and you’ll know that your silverware, heirloom Christmas ornaments, Depression glass, and Art Deco perfume bottles finish their journey safely. Delegating packing and unpacking also saves you time; while the professionals are hard at work, you can focus on other key tasks, including switching utilities, minding the kids, or looking up the tastiest places to eat in your new hometown.

Why Rite Move?

At Rite Move, we believe a great move starts with three things: a company you can trust, movers who know what they’re doing, and customer service experts who guide you every step of the way. Our family-owned and operated business is licensed, insured, and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. Planning for a cross-country job transfer? We’ll let you know how to get ready and do the heavy lifting when the time comes. Need to move your antiques ASAP because of flooding or another emergency? We’re available seven days a week (including holidays), and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Put Your Antiques In The Best Possible Hands

No two moves are the same. Give your treasures the attention and care they deserve by entrusting the nuts and bolts of your next relocation to the professionals at Rite Move. From short, cross-town residential moves to commercial jobs galore, we help those in need to protect their antiques and investment. For more information on our services, or to get a pricing estimate, contact Rite Move today.

6 Tricks For Moving Kids Who Don’t Want To Go

family unpacking and happy in new home

Relocating can be complex, but moving kids, as well as adults, adds several extra elements into the mix. Combine the services of Rite Move with these tips for helping your kids cope, and your fresh start may be every bit as bright as you hoped.

1. Involve Them In The House Search

Whenever possible, make real estate an all-inclusive adventure. While you as the parent, will have the last say in what place you ultimately rent or purchase, you can still let the kids play a key role. Start by holding a family meeting to generate a house-hunting wish list. Kids might include features such as a backyard or playroom, or they may want a space for arts and crafts or music. Next, tour homes on the internet (and/or in person, when the time comes) to see what the kids like and what fails to strike a chord.

2. Introduce Them To Their New City

The anticipation of being immersed in new, unfamiliar surroundings can be daunting for adults, so imagine what it’s like for a child who doesn’t know what “St. Louis” or “Portland” even means. Until the move is actually in progress, the destination often remains a mysterious place on a map, and that can lead to even more uncertainty.

Remove some of the question marks by giving your little ones previews of all the things they’ll be able to see and do in and around their new home.

  • Look up YouTube videos of popular attractions.
  • Show them websites of area zoos, parks, museums, and other sites.
  • Talk about options for continuing their favorite activities, such as skate parks that might be nearby or dance studios with a variety of classes.

3. Give Them Design Power Over Their New Room

Done up right, your bedroom is an oasis. Kids who feel forced to leave that sanctuary behind aren’t likely to get too excited about their new space until they learn they’ll be able to decorate as they please (within reason, of course). Head to the paint store and look at swatches to decide together on potential wall colors. Cuddle up and browse area rugs or posters online or have them plot out furniture arrangements on a blank piece of paper until they find a configuration. It’s a way to restore some illusion of control, and that feeling can go a long way toward creating happier, more adaptable kids.

4. Arrange Ways For Them To Keep In Touch With Friends

Moving away from friends is hard. As an adult, you know you’ll be able to text and call at will, but younger kids may assume they’ll never see their BFFs again. Come up with some options to help them stay connected:

  • Weekly video chat dates
  • A dedicated email account you can monitor.
  • A special gift of stationery and stamps to facilitate old-fashioned snail mail so they can become pen pals.

5. Stage A Goodbye Scavenger Hunt

Create a sense of closure to help wrap up things in the old city before you head to the new one. Pick up a couple of instant cameras or even the disposable versions, make a list of all the places your family loves to go, load up everyone into the car, and start checking off locations. Every time you stop at a place on the list, the kids get to take a picture to put in their scrapbook along with a caption detailing their favorite memories. As a bonus, make the last item on the list a bon voyage party and invite friends, classmates, and other buddies so everyone can see “see you later” in a fun, stress-free atmosphere.

6. Go Over All The Things That Won’t Change

Talk through all the constants that will stay the same after the move and your kids’ anxiety may not disappear, but it should ease. Their pet will still be around, your family will still be together, there will still be trips for ice cream on Fridays, and a bowling place to check out on birthdays. Those touchstones are immeasurably reassuring, so don’t be shy about bringing them up often.

Make Moving With Kids Easier With Rite Move

Streamlining the relocation process is one of the best ways to ensure moving kids from one home to the next is as relaxed as possible. Rite Move is a full-service, state-licensed company staffed by professional movers who put your needs first. To schedule assistance or request last-minute help with your move, contact us today.

Using Emergency Movers and Other Tips for Mastering a Last-Minute Move

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Moving is often a stressful process, but never more so than when you must relocate in a hurry. If life hurls a curveball and you find yourself with a massive to-do list and very little support, a couple of professional tips and Rite Move emergency movers can be just what you need to keep your life — and sanity — in order during this major change.

Get a Strategy In Place ASAP

One of the best ways to combat sudden stress is to form a game plan that gives you an idea of what needs to be done and how you can best go about doing it. In an urgent-move situation, you need to pack up your current home in record time, and you’ll need supplies. Getting the right amount and types of boxes and other goodies requires not only gaging what you must pack, but which method gets everything packed up as fast as possible. Wardrobe boxes allow you to keep clothes on the hanger so you can transfer them straight from your closet to the box without fussy folding while using your linens to wrap breakables may save you time-sucking trips to the store for more packing paper and tape.

It can also help to pack room by room so you can see your progress as you go. If you’re worried about losing track of things you might need in the days ahead, pack your suitcase and an overnight bag — or larger case depending on how long you expect to travel between homes — with important items, such as your phone charger, clothes, toiletries, and medicine

Be Realistic About Sorting And Saving

In most cases, moving is the perfect time to purge all the stuff you no longer need, but the urgency of a last-minute move forces sorting onto the back-burner. On the other hand, the less you keep, the less there is to pack. Make a quick trip through the house with two large garbage bags — one for trash and one for donation items — then get comfortable with the idea that the rest of your organizational efforts will have to wait until you’re settled in at your destination. If you wind up with a large number of donations, call around and find an organization that will do a pick up; it’s a lot easier taking a few bags to the curb than it is to load them into your car and drive across own.

Mark Boxes And Bags Clearly And Consistently

Every box you pack should be labeled with a general description of what it contains as well as where you’d like the box to go when it’s time to unload the truck. The exhaustion of an emergency move is distracting enough to make you forget what’s what and searching for key paperwork or a can opener only makes a difficult transition seem worse. Give yourself a break from the pressure by ensuring you know exactly how to find your favorite socks and the remote control.

Get Professional Help

Moving in a hurry means you have a lot to do. Delegate the biggest task to emergency movers who specialize in quick relocations, and you’ll have the time and energy to phone utility companies and tie up other loose ends rather than trying to multitask as you empty bookshelves and disassemble furniture. Full-service moving companies will:

  • Pack all your possessions, including oddly shaped items and anything fragile
  • Attach labels and count boxes to ensure everything is identified and nothing is left behind
  • Crate and pad oversized items, such as artwork and pianos
  • Provide materials to you if you’d prefer to pack your belongings yourself
  • Unwrap items at your destination

Hire Emergency Movers Today

Not all movers offer the same high-quality, trusted service, and reliable staffing. At Rite Move, we’re proud to move and pack our customers’ belongings with the same care and precision we’d use on our own. Whether you’re moving your family across the country at a moments’ notice or shifting a commercial entity from one brick-and-mortar location to another, our team of licensed and insured movers can assist. For help with your emergency move, contact us online or call our Hamilton, New Jersey, office at (866) MOVE-110 or

Move On A Budget And Save Packing Space By Culling Items You Don’t Need

mom and dad carrying a box while watching their young son and daughter doing the same

When you need to move on a budget, getting rid of items you don’t need can help you cut costs and conserve packing space. Downsizing before your big move also makes it easy to create a relaxed, welcoming environment once you settle into your new place.

Cutting Down On Clutter Before You Pack

If you’ve started to pack and keep coming across items, you haven’t seen in years or are just trying to figure out how you’re going to fit everything into your new home, that could be a sign you need to cut down on clutter before you move. Most people only really use about 20% of the things they own, which means there are plenty of things you can discard without really ever noticing they’re missing.

Moving is the ideal time to go through all your things and decide whether you need them. Getting rid of the nonessential items in your life helps make your residential move go more smoothly.

Choosing Items To Keep Or Cull

Picking which items you should bring with you to your new place and which you should cull can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re starting with a lot of stuff. Separate the items you frequently use first, then start considering everything else. Essential items might include clothing you often wear, the furniture you plan to use in your new space, and personal items that have sentimental value. If you haven’t used something in over a month, you might be able to do without it permanently.

The first major culling should include duplicates in your household. If you’ve managed to collect stacks of mismatched bath towels or multiple sets of flatware, pare those collections down to just what you need.

Keep in mind that you can rent or borrow many items later if you need them. Books that you haven’t yet read can be borrowed from the local library, and infrequently used tools or appliances might be easier to rent for special occasions than to store or pack for your move.

The location of your move might make a difference in what you keep or discard as well. If you’re moving from a colder area to a warmer climate, you might be able to get rid of some of your heavier winter coats and accessories.

Deciding To Donate Or Toss

Part of culling your stuff before you move is deciding what to do with the things you discard. Anything broken, unusable, or out of date should be thrown away. Thrift stores can take clothing, toys, shoes, and appliances in good condition. A friend who needs a specific item may also appreciate a hand-me-down from your culled collection.

You might also consider selling some of the items you decide to leave behind. Large pieces of furniture, electronics, lawn equipment, and appliances can be sold online. You can make arrangements for the buyer to come to pick up bulkier pieces in person. Smaller items, including books, jewelry, and accessories, can be shipped to buyers or picked up at a location of your choice. Another option is to hold a yard sale before your move to try to get rid of as much stuff as you can before making a final trip to the thrift store for a donation.

Let Us Handle Your Move On A Budget

From boxing up valuables to setting up your new home, moving can get stressful. Let Rite Move of Hamilton Township, NJ help you handle the packing, transport, and unpacking parts of your move so you can concentrate on other details. Contact us today at 866-MOVE-110 to get assistance with your upcoming relocation.

Game Plan: Making Sure You Pack Up Everything of Importance

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When you’re packing for a move, especially when you’re rushed because you procrastinated too long on your packing duties, it’s easy to miss things. Overlooking an important memento, vital document or other irreplaceable item can make a stressful move even harder to deal with.

When you’re just moving across town, you may still have an opportunity to retrieve an item you’ve forgotten, if you quickly realize you left it behind. But if yours is a long-distance move and/or you don’t realize right away something is missing, it might be gone forever. Create a solid game plan to ensure you pack up everything of importance before you leave your old home for the last time.

Create A Packing Calendar

Creating a packing timeline for your move helps you stay on track, so you feel less rushed on moving day. When you hurry through your packing, it’s really easy to miss something that could be important to you. A packing calendar offers a reliable guide to keep you focused, motivated, and better prepared to face your packing challenges.

Start packing as early as possible to give yourself plenty of time. Properly prioritize your packing jobs based on what matters most, and set up reasonable deadlines for completion. Break up major packing tasks into easier-to-achieve mini-tasks to keep better track of your progress and avoid being overwhelmed. Stick to your overall schedule to ensure you have everything packed before moving day.

Take Inventory

Before you pack anything, take inventory of all your belongings to see exactly what you have and prioritize your packing. This is also a great time to purge anything you no longer need or use to lighten your load and lessen your packing duties. Your inventory list can be a detailed spreadsheet or a simple pen-and-paper list, whatever you’re most comfortable doing. While a spreadsheet is more easily edited, paper lists are more accessible when taking inventory from room to room.

Go through every nook and cranny in your home and include everything you own. Break items up into appropriate categories. When you’re ready to begin packing, assign everything a number, label each item, and record what box it’s in on your inventory sheet. Your inventory sheet helps ensure you don’t forget anything and can serve as a detailed packing list if you use professional movers.

Pack Room By Room

Pack each room completely before moving on to the next room. Tackling one room at a time keeps you from wasting time rambling from one space to another. It also helps ensure you stay on track and keeps you motivated with clearly defined progress. Once you think you have a room finished, go back through it again carefully to ensure you didn’t overlook anything important. When you’re completely certain nothing remains in the room, close the door and move on.

Do A Final Walk-Through

Even though you did a walk-through each time you finished a room, do a final walk-through of the entire house once you think you’ve packed everything. Go back through every drawer, cabinet, closet, etc., in your home to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Don’t forget the attic and basement, if applicable, which are notorious for hiding things you tucked away and forgot you even put there. If you got an early start on your packing, you should have ample time to slowly go over the entire home before you decide everything is packed and ready to move.

Hire Professional Packers

Professional packers pack for a living and are experts at ensuring nothing is left behind. They also take some of the stress off you, especially if you wanted too long to begin packing. Once the packers are finished, and the movers have moved everything out into the moving truck, put your mind at ease by taking the time to go back through the entire house room by room, checking every potential hiding space to ensure nothing was overlooked.

Rite Move in Hamilton, NJ, is a state-licensed, fully insured moving company that has been providing expert packing and moving services to the region for over a decade. Our highly experienced staff completes every job with extreme professionalism and guarantees safe, secure transport of your belongings. We use top-of-the-line equipment and offer straightforward pricing without any hidden fees. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 for a free quote or to schedule your move today.

Employer’s Responsibilities During A Commercial Move

dolly with boxes and a plant loaded onto it in a commercial hallAs the head of your company, your employees count on you to keep things running efficiently even while moving your business to a new location. Business relocation is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and precise pre-move preparations to ensure everything from your old location arrives safely at your new location. Like any large undertaking, it’s best to divide the workload between trusted employees and assign specific tasks to appropriate personnel. Start the relocation process early to ensure success, and make the move less stressful by hiring the expert commercial movers at Rite Move in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Designate A Moving Team

Build your moving team by appointing personnel from each department to coordinate their areas, including representatives from IT and HR who are more qualified to handle sensitive equipment and documents. Department supervisors are obvious choices to coordinate with their employees in packing up their areas. In smaller offices with fewer department heads, you may instead identify a few key employees to help coordinate the move of multiple departments. Before you pack that first box or hire professional commercial movers, establish a relocation budget and timeline.

Assign Moving Tasks

Beginning several months in advance of the move, schedule weekly meetings to go over relocation tasks. Review and define areas of responsibility for each team member and have them create a list of critical tasks that need to be completed in the upcoming weeks to ensure you meet your predetermined timeline and stay on budget. Determine where and when specialty service providers, such as computer network specialists, might be needed. Prepare weekly schedules to distribute among all employees, including packets of moving instructions based on the tasks that need to be accomplished. Create a labeling system for items to be moved based on the floor plan or layout of the new building.

Design Your New Space

Collect all pertinent information about the new location, including floor layouts so you can identify the location of key components in your new space. Besides the overall layout, identify available electrical outlets to ensure equipment is placed accordingly. Compare your new and old spaces to identify areas that match up in the general layout to streamline the process. Make notes on potential problems to address with the new space, such as fewer storage areas or smaller workspaces. Determine whether remodeling is required before the move to ensure there aren’t any delays while trying to get everything set back up.

Create A Contact List

Make a contact list of everyone you do business with to ensure they’re all aware of your upcoming move. It’s best to assign this task to one individual, preferably someone already familiar with all your clients, suppliers, and service providers, so no one is left off the list. Notify everyone of the upcoming move, including detailed information on when and where your business is moving. Also, provide details on whether you plan a short shutdown of operation or how you plan to continue operating during the move. You don’t want to lose valuable customers or vendors, so provide them with as many details as possible and inform them immediately if you must deviate from the plan. Inform the general public with a public relations campaign and press releases that highlight your new location and other details about the move.

Hire Reliable Commercial Movers

Careful planning is essential to get the job done, but to ensure your actual move goes as planned, hiring commercial movers who specialize in business locations is just as critical. When you want a reliable company with a reputation for successful relocations, count on Rite Move to get everything from Point A to Point B without incident. We’re a full-service, state-licensed, and fully insured moving company with more than a decade of commercial moving experience. Our professional packers and movers can handle everything from your largest equipment to your smallest office supplies and ensure your business relocation goes smoothly with little to no interruption in your daily operations.

As the boss, you must make sure your company doesn’t miss a beat during this exciting yet challenging time for your business. We know relocating an entire business can be tough, and you have a lot of responsibilities. You’ll face new challenges and additional stress, but our goal is to make the moving process as easy and stress-free as possible. Tell us what you need, and our relocation team will put their expertise to work for you. Contact us at 866-MOVE-110 to request a free quote for your commercial move today.