Antique Moving: How to Pack Big, Delicate Items

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Antique Moving: How to Pack Big, Delicate Items

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When it comes to the intricacies of antique moving, not all relocation companies are created the same. Whether you’re considering tackling your packing to-do list on your own or want to study up on how to hire a team who’ll put your best interests first, this quick guide from Rite Move has everything you need to know about taking care of your most prized possessions.

Basics Of Antique Moving

Any kind of residential or commercial move requires a deft hand and an experienced crew to ensure everything is handled with care, but antiques can be particularly susceptible to damage and therefore require even more diligence. The very things that make antiques valuable — age, craftsmanship, rarity — also make them valuable and quite often irreplaceable. To protect priceless items, movers take extra precautions. This may include strapping down heavy pieces or using extra padding to cushion a delicately carved bench or gilded mirror as it bumps along in the back of a traveling moving truck.

The bottom line: antiques are extraordinary finds, and the moving company you use to transport them should be just as remarkable.

Working With Unwieldy Furniture

Pianos seem like they’d be amongst the sturdiest musical instruments, but underneath those durable wood exteriors is a fragile network of tiny pieces and intricate parts. Too much jostling can throw a piano out of tune or knock one of the inner hammers loose; drop the piano and the results could be downright disastrous. Pianos are also surprisingly top-heavy, and other antiques, such as vintage sideboards and wardrobes, can be just as unwieldy, making for an awkward carry.

The best way to prevent injuries and furniture damage is to avoid drops, scrapes, and scratches by employing a team of experts who know how to safely carry large items and maneuver around tricky corners. While it may be fine for two homeowners to carry a modern, store-bought kitchenette set to a moving truck, hauling a Chippendale chair is another matter altogether.

Amassing The Right Equipment

Moving antiques requires not only the right people but also the right equipment. Musical instruments with finicky components and breakables, such as mirrors, lamps, vases, and artwork, all need to be wrapped in thick moving blankets or padding. Proper wrap jobs include taping the materials only, with no corners left exposed, and all surfaces free of adhesive to maintain the original finish of the antique. Straps help movers lift heavy items without excessive straining and can also be used to secure items once they’re in the truck.

Unpacking And Placement

Properly moving antiques involves more than just transporting them from point A to point B. Choose a moving company that offers packing and unpacking services, and you’ll know that your silverware, heirloom Christmas ornaments, Depression glass, and Art Deco perfume bottles finish their journey safely. Delegating packing and unpacking also saves you time; while the professionals are hard at work, you can focus on other key tasks, including switching utilities, minding the kids, or looking up the tastiest places to eat in your new hometown.

Why Rite Move?

At Rite Move, we believe a great move starts with three things: a company you can trust, movers who know what they’re doing, and customer service experts who guide you every step of the way. Our family-owned and operated business is licensed, insured, and ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. Planning for a cross-country job transfer? We’ll let you know how to get ready and do the heavy lifting when the time comes. Need to move your antiques ASAP because of flooding or another emergency? We’re available seven days a week (including holidays), and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Put Your Antiques In The Best Possible Hands

No two moves are the same. Give your treasures the attention and care they deserve by entrusting the nuts and bolts of your next relocation to the professionals at Rite Move. From short, cross-town residential moves to commercial jobs galore, we help those in need to protect their antiques and investment. For more information on our services, or to get a pricing estimate, contact Rite Move today.