5 Tips To Make Your Office Move Less Stressful

Office moving poses a different challenge to residential moving. From downtime to transition and security to the need to keep your employees posted, you’ll have your hands full. However, you can make it. At the Rite Move, we’ve helped hundreds of Hamilton Town businesses relocate and thanks to that experience have gathered a few useful tips that can make your move less stressful and more enjoyable.

Start planning early

Ideally, you want to start planning three months to the moving date. If you’re moving in January, start planning in October. Evaluate what you need to be moved, what can be securely eliminated and what can be donated. Most importantly, inform employees about your plans early so they can manage workflow appropriately in anticipation of the move.

Erase all data and recycle electronics

This is the time to discard those old computers, servers, hard drives, and printers that you won’t need. And, it’s critical to ensure that they are wiped clean before you get rid of them. Once you’ve erased all data, you can donate the devices to Dell Reconnect or World Computer Exchange, or sell them via the Amazon and Best Buy buy-back programs.

Staying ON while on the move

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you should remain closed for a whole week. You’d lose too much. At most, shut your doors for the weekend or one business day. If you service clients remotely, inform them about the move and ask them to bear with you should your connection become slower. Additionally, designate one employee as an emergency contact so you don’t miss any calls.

Move non-essentials first

When packing, divide your items into “essentials” and non-essentials” and start by hauling the non-essentials. This will help minimize downtime by allowing you to remain open until the final moving day. Essentials typically include equipment like computers and servers that you need for day-to-day operations.

Update your address, both online and offline

Finally, once you’re at the new location, as you update vendors and clients about you new physical address, don’t forget to update your online information. These include your address on Yellow Pages, Yelp, Local.com, City Search, and your NAP details on Google My Business, among others.

Now you’re ready for the new life! Contact the Rite Move at 609-586-6833 to learn more.